Distinctive Seating

I once read that even if it takes you weeks, months, or years of searching for the perfect piece–it’s worth it. That to up and buy the first thing you see simply because you need to furnish your space is not a necessity, especially when it comes to home design. They had this photo to go along with the article–a barren dining room with 6 scattered chairs sitting around an empty space of what would be the dining table.

For some reason, the image stuck with me. So, as I just purchased my new and amazing dining table–I’m itching to get the right chairs. I’ve been scrolling through store after store, design site after design site, antique after antique. But, I have no interest in purchasing any chairs until I’ve put in some serious thought and time into the decision.

As it is, my mom is also shopping for new chairs for her dining room. She’s in a rush to get the right ones, which I just keep telling her isn’t going to end well. She doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for design and has even brought home to test out a few handmade chairs (huge minus? they came with slip covers only–blech).

So, here’s a little bit of what I’ve been sorting through the past week. I clearly have a lot more to share but even these seemed too much for me to not throw it into a gallery. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with…well, awesomeness.

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2 thoughts on “Distinctive Seating

  1. Love the Barbara Waltman chairs! Want some!

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