This Just Happened.

So, this weekend I finally did. I took the plunge. I purchased a non-IKEA dining table. You know, a legitimately awesome piece of furniture that I really wanted yet had to strain a wee bit in order to afford.

This lil’ beauty is heading my way in just a few weeks:

I’ve been scoping this table from Restoration Hardware for about two weeks. When I saw it was on sale, it went from a blog post topic daydream to a viable reality. Most dining tables that catch my eye tend to land somewhere in the $1200-$2500 price range. Code: Not Happening on My Budget.

I talked about it for a while, measured and re-measured my dining area and fumbled around with potential options and situations (like, is it bad to buy furniture before I buy a house?) before I finally decided to hand over my credit card to some unassuming sales guy who really had no clue how much of an investment and decision this one silly purchase this was for me.

In the end, I’m effing stoked. This is happening. I went ahead and bought a piece I really wanted. Could I have purchased something more antique-y? Yes. Could I have afforded that? Probably not. Am I thrilled? Hell yes.

Is there something to buying that statement piece you’ve been eyeing? You can bet your bottom dollar (literally).

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