5 Easy Tricks To Jazz Up the Kitchen

Sometimes our kitchens get overlooked when we’re pinching pennies. When it comes to design, we tend to focus on what can easily be deemed as the essential rooms: living room, bedroom and dining area.

And yet, we do tend to find ourselves spending a great deal of time in the kitchen. From making coffee, pouring cereal, cooking dinners and even repeatedly hunting for savory snacks (even if sometimes we actually manage to talk ourselves out of it).

So, it’s important to have the right feel in your kitchen space. And it’s not that hard to kick up what you got, even if it’s just a tiny notch.

Here are some easy tricks.

1. Hang ‘Em High:

Free up some good cabinet space and get your pots dangling from the ceiling. You don’t need a huge kitchen to do this. I love how this tight kitchen simply places the pots just along the wall. It brightens up the space too as the light from the window reflects off the silver pots. Your eyes are directed upward too–which makes the entire space feel bigger even if you have a low ceiling.

2.Hide the Trash

This one should be self-explanatory. If you hide the trash–the kitchen just feels better. I don’t know, call me a neat-freak–but I think a hidden trash can does a WORLD of difference. Renting? I love the double-duty of this homemade little island-of-sorts. Get extra counter space and with one weekend trip to Home Depot–you’ve got yourself a slick little storage space.

3. Add Some Green

There’s a reason why most staged kitchen photos include a plant or two. The green really livens up the place. Literally. Adding a plant or two can make the space feel more inviting. Try some potted herbs or a few pots of planted flowers. I’m personally a big fan of terrariums and succulents. But be sure to not go overkill–you don’t want to feel like you’re living in Little Shop of Horrors. 

4. Add a Splash

It’s amazing what a little backsplash can do for a kitchen. I personally am a huge fan of the brick motif. It works really well with my taste–no matter the color. But sometimes, if you’re renting or on a tight budget, a can of paint can do the trick nicely. Some bright pops of color (green, yellow, blue) look great in the kitchen. But I stumbled upon this chevron look and was instantly hooked.

5. Cover the Unsightly

Is your piping showing? Are you missing a cabinet door or two? No worries. Throw up a “curtain” of sorts and add the mishap into the design aesthetic. Again, I’m a huge fan of natural colors in kitchen, so I love this soft natural brown color that blends with the tones. But if you prefer bright, add some punchy fabrics like lemon yellow or bright red.


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