What Are You Smoking?!: September Issue

Issue? Can I call this an issue? Eh, I’m rolling with it.

Well, after the previous and first-installment (ahem, issue) of this endearing post–I’m at it again, this time with recommendations. No reader or friend of mine will go without knowing that there are solutions to overly-priced furniture.

So, on with the goods!


I’m a huge fan of West Elm. But sometimes I’m thrown by where they dig their prices from. Case in point: Zig Zag Floor Pouf. Price? $249.00.

Not one to turn my nose up to a good pouf, I’d recommend Overstock.com’s eerily similar version. Their asking price? $38.99. Bonus: it comes in an array of colors.

home decor

Okay, okay. I don’t mean to pick on West Elm, but check this out–their Terra Console Table lists at $349.00. Which to be honest, isn’t that outrageous for a solidly built console table. (full disclosure: I am the owner of a $300 West Elm console table–not this one though).

But, to help those who just can’t berate family until they chip in and ante up for a solidly built console table–here’s Overstock.com (yep, them again) and their nearly identical console table for $202.99.

Who doesn’t want to pretend that Mad Men is a reality, at least in their own home? Well, Arteriors Ponce likes to think that if you want to channel Mr. Draper you have to dish out the pay checks like Jon Hamm. This Iron Bar Cart costs a cool $1,140.

Want it for half the price? Literally? Check out Crate & Barrel’s Libation Bar Cart at $599.00.


What’s this world coming to when even Ebay can’t compete in competitive pricing? This Urban Oak & Metal Industrial barstool is $150.00.

Head over to JC Penney though and you’ll find the EXACT same stool for $60.00.

So, yeah. Happy shopping.



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One thought on “What Are You Smoking?!: September Issue

  1. Um, AWESOME. So, so funny that you were able to find basically the exact same thing for so much cheaper!! And I freaking love all of those things (the cheaper versions, anyway). I would totally have every single one of them in my house.

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