A Trip to Kanopi House: Part One

After a week-long honeymoon in Jamaica and a week-long recovery from being in the world’s most beautiful place, I’m finally getting my act together (read: getting back to posting regularly).

For our honeymoon, my husband and I traveled to Port Antonio, Jamaica. When it comes to traveling, we are not the “resort” type of people. We’re all about doing it on our own, wandering the streets of a foreign place and being active. We don’t like booking a room at a hotel that’s the size of a city and calling that a vacation. That’s why when we heard about Kanopi House, we were in love before we even booked the tickets.

{This was our room, Upper Deck, could it be more stunning?}

This place is stunning. Hidden within the rainforest cliff-side residing just above the famous Blue Lagoon, Kanopi is made up of what they describe as “chic tree houses.” That couldn’t be more appropriate.

{Upper Deck, as seen from below–walking up to the room}

It was our first time staying in an all-inclusive guesthouse and it won’t be our last. From the great people, the amazing views, and the relaxing vibe–this place is heaven.

{view of the lagoon from the shore}

{view from the Living Room}

{Living Room}

{Sweet Wood, another Tree House}{Interior of another tree house, Almond Tree}

{photos by: Kanopi House, K.B. Abele}

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3 thoughts on “A Trip to Kanopi House: Part One

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  2. My goodness! It’s breathtaking.

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