What Are You Smoking?!

After perusing decor sites this weekend, I was flaberghasted to see the price points associated with an array of furniture pieces. I mean, outrageous price demands for the most basic of raw materials.

As it is, I’ve dedicated this post to be the first in a new series entitled “What are You Smoking?!” as a tribute to these absurdly priced, out-of-their-mind shops.

Enjoy. And feel free to add some references of your own. I think this is too hilarious to pass up.

The Dalloway Side Chair. Anthropologie. Sale Price? $399.99. Regular Listing? $798.00. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?!

This is a basic wood chair painted robin’s egg blue. I had this chair two years ago, from IKEA and I painted it myself. I kid you not. Oh. My. Crazy.

West Elm is one of my favorite go-to’s for a moderately-priced yet slick piece to finish off a room. I love this place. But, sometimes my post-Sunday-brunch in-store stroll gets a bit rowdy when I take a look at price tags on some items. Take this Parson’s Filing Cabinet. Asking price? $399.00

Now, I could use a bad-ass filing cabinet for my home office. I have papers everywhere and I’m ready to drop some cash on a cabinet (most are not as cheap as I would like). But $400? No, thanks.

Alright, alright. Design Within Reach is not what I would call a stop-n-shop kind of design store. But, I had to list this stool. The second most expensive chair on the dining section of the site, the Tractor stool sits pretty at $1,250. You know, just to round out your bar area.


NOTE!: Going forward, I’ll include some lower-priced yet equally awesome alternatives to the high-priced nuttiness. Look for it in the next rendition of “What Are You Smoking?!”

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3 thoughts on “What Are You Smoking?!

  1. Love this post! Next time can you include a cheaper alternative? Like, instead of this ridiculously expensive stool, why not buy this $30 one that’s just as cute?

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