Books on Every Subject

I’m a sucker for books. And when you mention the idea of having a library in a home, my knees buckle. I’m the epitome of Belle from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. If you want to win my affection, just show me a giant mansion-sized library and tell me it’s all mine.

Here are some drool-worthy home libraries to kick-start your Thursday.

{Marrakesh by Design Moroccan homes Maryam Montague}

{Home Office by Emily A. Clark}

Wall o’ Books Library

{Indian Grove Kitchen by Palmerston Design Consultants.}

My sister and I fell in love with this style of bookshelf after becoming oddly obsessed with the short-lived, yet perfectly awesome, show Moonlight.{Hotel Viceroy}

A wrought-iron spiral staircase is a must. {Library with Reading Loft}

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2 thoughts on “Books on Every Subject

  1. The Wall of Books is so original – I would never have thought to display my books that way…. would be so great as you could see the covers so well. I wish I had the wall space for it! 🙂

  2. Beautiful. The books in the kitchen look the most practical. The winding staircase would be great on the way up, but I have tied to read while decending and its a disaster.

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