Bringing Basements Back

In honor of my upcoming trip to Colorado, where I get to witness two dear friends marry the loves of their lives, I thought I’d touch on some decor ideas for a space that most Coloradans have, and yet don’t know what to do with either: Basements.

Maybe it’s because in my Colorado days we were all broke college kids. Maybe it’s because houses are just too damn big over there and we’re all still broke in our post-grad school, post-first jobs, just married days. Either way, most of the basements I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out in are a little bit wanting.

I chuck it up to the fact that basement decor is just downright intimidating. What the hell do you do with it? Welp. It’s your house–do whatever you want! From a comfy playroom for kids to an adult escape, a man-cave to a basketball court–the ideas are endless. Just stop leaving it as a dank, water-stained pseudo garage packed to the rim with all sorts of things you don’t use and where creepy slime creatures make their home. We’re adults now after all–broke, perhaps–but still adults.

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