Justin Timberlake: Home Design Guru?

Yep, you heard right. Justin Timberlake (you know, of Mickey Mouse Club Fame), has taken yet another cross-industry leap, but this time he’s making his way into the foray of interior design.

Timberlake is no newbie to trying his hand at a range of different industries including restaurants (Southern Hospitality), clothing (William Rast), and acting (NSYNC–just kidding, The Social Network). So, it’s no surprise that he would try to tackle home decor, is it?

Not really. Especially since he’s been doing so well in all the other fields of his life. (Although, may I ask where is his next full album? I believe we’ve been hanging onto SexyBack for 7 years now.) But, who can blame the guy for putting his musical career on hold when everything else seems to be going so well? Also, it’s not like anyone doubts his talents. The world seems to consistently fawn over the guy.

But back to the subject at hand. Timberlake, along with world-renowned interior designer Estee Stanley, have joined hands to make HomeMint–a cultivated collection for interior design geeks with a penchant for details. In other words, the two of them. Timberlake says he and Stanley share a “neurosis for details” and took extreme pride in their new line (where many of the pieces were designed in collaboration with Andrew Corrie of NYC-based Canvas), sending back pottery until they got the glaze just right.

You can sign up to become a member of HomeMint (a sibling site to StyleMint and ShoeMint), where you’ll be able to peruse the collection and receive recommendations on items based on your style profile.

I took the style profile quiz already, and though fun, it fell a bit short of what I would have liked from an interior design site especially when I can tell already that HomeMint will eventually prove to become something greater. I think there is a lot of room for growth. They’ll eventually build up a thick inventory and really create great products at great prices too (especially given that their competition is The Foundary and One King’s Lane).

But for me, the style profile should go a bit deeper. My style, for example, wasn’t featured at all in most of the questions. Granted, I’m a design nerd–but shouldn’t they start with targeting the fanatics?

All in all, it’s an interesting endeavor. One, I’m happy to follow along with and see what comes out of it.

Check it out for yourself: HomeMint. 

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