Chests of Drawers. Read into it.

I was staring at my dresser last night, scanning the damage done to it by my pesky yet adorable cat. In desperate attempts for attention, he’s found if he claws our dresser, it wakes us up and gets us to pay attention to him. Negative attention, sure. But attention nonetheless.

It got me thinking. Making an investment towards a solid piece of furniture, like a dresser, is a bit of a commitment–but one I should probably make as the wood in my current rendition isn’t holding up too well. But when is it time to invest in your “next ten years” dresser? You know, not my lovely IKEA standard that has gotten me through the years.

At what age, or stage in the game, do we start searching for those permanent pieces?

For me, it’s now. But it’s now in an extremely slow and piecemeal process. I happen to love my IKEA dresser. Not just for it’s price value, but it’s actually pretty. I have the Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser. Works like a charm. But I’ve actually commissioned two separate dressers, handmade to my specifications regarding paint and wood and styling, before. So, I shouldn’t be that afraid to do it again, right? (also, both those dressers are still in use by other family members today. One was made 5 years ago, the other 12 years ago.)

In fact, I highly recommend commissioning your own dresser if you can’t find what you’re looking for. And if you live in NYC, I really recommend Gotham Cabinet. I used them to make my last dresser. It is is great condition, in spite of 4 rickety moves with not-so-gentle movers. The price is right and they can make it to your liking.

Regardless, I think if you are in the market for a new dresser that it’s worth taking your time on. No sense buying the latest popular model if it doesn’t work for you. Besides, it’s your house–not the store’s or salesperson’s.

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