To Theme or Not To Theme

Summer’s almost here and with that means that furniture stores everywhere are have started to pitch kitschy season-inspired decor and design ideas. And it’s all well and good, when you walk into Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, et al and see fun Fourth of July themed decor and get jazzed for the annual barbeque Aunt Sue hosts on the lake house, but…what about when it’s all you see and you just. get. sucked. in.

It’s like the novelty items at the end of the check-out line. Magazines, candy bars, gum packets, tiny bottles of bug spray, pez dispensers, Archie comics. Do you really need this stuff? What about at places like Sephora (you know what I’m talking about: lip balm, tiny perfume bottles, travel mascara, and the surprise gift with each purchase because you have a special store-card).

Themed accessories for the house can be fun. Around the main holidays. But seasonal decor? What happens when Fall rolls around? Do we change out our sandollar & beach-themed terrarium for a bouquet of plastic autumn leaves complete with tiny squash?

Do themed products and accessories only beget less of an overall set tone for our homes and force us to keep buying, keep changing and not really feel like we have an identity? Our homes are our spaces. Shouldn’t we know what we want. And want it year round?

I bought a bag of $15 sand and $30 seashells from Pottery Barn a few years back. Wanting to make my house remind me of my Miami roots while I was sweating my ass off in the subway tunnels of NYC, I tried to incorporate the beach theme into as much as I could. It took about a day to realize that somethings are meant to be left from whence they came and that seasonal tricks are just another impulse buy.

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