A Tron Inspired Bachelor Pad Design Board

I admit it. I watched Tron: Legacy the other night. Curiosity got the better of me and the fact that Starz had a free weekend preview just pushed me over the ledge a wee bit.

My first thought, besides “what the eff is going on,” was how freaking awesome Sam Flynn’s warehouse apartment was. As such, a design board was born. Or, well, made. By me. While I should have been working my day job. It happens.

I can’t explain it but I love “bachelor pad” designed homes. Okay,  well, within reason. I think sometimes a good old fashion industrial theme is the way to go. Also, who doesn’t like pool? Or a vintage pinball machine in their house? Awesome.  Single guys take note: having a vintage pinball machine is down right sexy. (My husband, take note: not without my permission).

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4 thoughts on “A Tron Inspired Bachelor Pad Design Board

  1. I wonder if it’s owned by the Tron guy.


  2. It should be. If you find he’s in the market for a designer, let me know. Or a writer, for that matter.

  3. I don’t know how old your bog is but I’m so planning a Sam Flynn / Tron inspired bachelor pad… great ideas. I even want my Ducati inside so it screams masculinity!

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