Rug This Way

Perhaps not so oddly enough, rugs are the trickiest thing for me to figure into some designs and especially into my own home. Finding the right rug, at the right price no less, seems to be a nearly impossible feat.

Rugs really do make a statement with a space. Making an area feel more cozy or lived in, the addition of a rug can take your living room, bedroom or dining room from just another room to a cooly designed space.

As it is, I’m still on a mission for the perfect dining room and bedside rugs. I’ll keep you posted as to my search but it might be a while longer.

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2 thoughts on “Rug This Way

  1. each and every one of those looks better than the coffee stains on my carpet. Maybe you’re on to something.

  2. agoodehouse on said:

    I love the black and white rugs. They just seem to go in any room and with any design. I recently ordered one from Crate and Barrel for my bedroom. I agree with you, though – it’s the toughest decision and rugs are NOT cheap. Love these pictures.

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