Work Much?

Office spaces need to be soothing, inviting, and inspiring. That way we can channel our creative juices and create a higher rate of productivity.

It’s a shame that so many offices are built around the motto that a stark and soul-less ambiance is the way to go. I once worked in a space where every wall was painted bright neon-pistachio green. Just walking in each day made me want to vomit. And working in a windowless area of the office certainly didn’t help matters.

Here are just a few small office spaces that I found inspiring. Oddly enough, most offices that I searched through are all facing walls or tiny corners. I, myself, prefer to have a large window nearby to gaze out of when I’m stuck, exhausted, bored–you name it. Some times a little distraction goes a long way.

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2 thoughts on “Work Much?

  1. I know a couple of power plants that could use your services….

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