A Chatty Inspiration

As I promised to help a friend en route to Chattanooga, TN gather some new design ideas for her new digs, I’m continuing on with some thoughts geared towards her black-concrete floored space.

I previously showcased some cool things to do with black walls, floors, tiles, bathrooms. And I hold true that I think it’s an underrated color in your homes. No need to fear black in a space. In fact, I think it can be quite helpful in allowing you to play with brighter or softer coloring. And it can be quite soothing if you play your cards right.

Above are some furniture ideas I gathered for this I-have-yet-t0-see-in-person space. When I found out about her black floors, I immediately recommended a white couch (despite the fact that yes, it can get dirty), a cool industrial-rustic (or wooden) coffee table with perhaps some iron accent tables and then bright pops of color all around. As I’m still figuring out how I want to showcase my thoughts with a style sheet (you know, where I can seamlessly put my thoughts out into one image instead of a weird collage of stuff)–I’m just leaving you all with another gallery.

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