Glass Garage

If I’ve learned anything from being married to my husband, it’s that boys like cars. Not only do they like cars but they like vintage cars. Unique cars that can be put on display. And then, of course, they like to display them.

Whenever we happen upon a Shelby Cobra, a Triumph TR-3,  MG A, Jaguar XK 120 or even a vintage Porsche–we have to stop, admire and if the owner happens to catch my husband spying we’ll get stuck having to chat (while the owner makes sure we understand the no-touching rule).

While I am not too keen on the idea of a man-cave (as I’m remiss to relinquish design control), I am rather intrigued by the idea of a glass garage. Especially if you have something to show off. Why keep a prized possession in a dark, dank space where no one can see it? (Leno-I’m talking to you).

Also, for those of our readers who happen to love restoring old VW Things–this might be a really cool solution for when there’s a home to display it in.

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2 thoughts on “Glass Garage

  1. See, a glass garage would be a helluva lot more useful for someone like Jay Leno than someone like the aforementioned mystery reader who happens to have a thing for old V-dubs. The problem is, if one actually likes to and or has to restore the vehicle, rather than paying West Coast Customs to do it for them, one needs tools. Lots of them. And I’m not horribly sure a glass garage is horribly receptive to outlet boxes, 4″ grinders, and storage for the old Bug one got from the Thrifty Nickel for parts….

    It’d be damn cool to show it off though…. Hypothetically speaking of course.

    • that’s why, hypothetically, i would pick out a cool toolbox for said V-Dubb enthusiast. That way it could look bad-ass from the house, but also serve it’s purpose for the oil-monkey under the hood.

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