Urban Escape: A Drool-Worthy Outdoor Patio

Yes, I drool when I think of owning this little tropical havana in my backyard. No, I’m not afraid to admit I drool over pictures in my design portfolio.

This is my urban escape fantasy. As I don’t have the space, or a backyard, for this little oasis it is now the inspiration for the project I’m currently working on.

The real culprit behind my new outdoor lounge obsession is the Broken Shaker pop-up bar in South Beach. Located at the Indian River Hotel, this sweet little gem of a bar (honestly, best drinks in town) is only around for a limited time. The bartenders created the space and will be taking it down within a few months before they pop-up somewhere else with a whole new vibe.

Not a bad groove they have going on. Best drinks, smoothest spot. And they’ve created the sincerest flatterer in me.

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3 thoughts on “Urban Escape: A Drool-Worthy Outdoor Patio

  1. Ok, so i’ll admit that I don’t drool about outdoor patios. But if you had that one, i would totally come see you and drink beers in the sun until i was drunk enough to drool on your outdoor patio. That counts for something right?

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