Green Eggs & Green Kitchen

When I first saw this kitchen highlighted in Domino Magazine a few years back, I flipped. I’m pretty sure I tore the whole section out a went a bit nuts. It’s pretty much the epitome of awesome.

But to make it even better, this kitchen, is actually for an office space. It’s part of Drew Barrymore’s offices in California for her production company, Flower Films. The entire office space was gorgeous. And one of my professional goals (aside from getting an office space as large as hers) is to decorate and design it as well as this one.

I love the bright colors, the open shelving, the retro fridge, the chandelier–you name it. Also, bonus for having a kitchen in the office. Can I say that enough? It’s always a great thing to provide employees with some sanctuary space. It promotes a great ambiance not just aesthetically, but within the staff.  And this kitchen is perfect as it doesn’t give off that sterile feel that some do, it’s warm and inviting.

I’ve had too many jobs where we were forced to eat lunch at our desk and were never given an ability to detox and refresh. When your team feels comfortable and at ease, business productivity will skyrocket.

Just something to think about.

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