Map Quest

For months, my husband and I (me more than him, I’m sure) were on a mission to find an antique map of South America for our apartment. As we’re both suckers for antique maps as decorative art and we had just come back from living abroad in Argentina for a year–it seemed a no brainer.

Until the search proved fruitless. It’s a tricky thing finding just the right piece that you have in mind. Whether a table, couch, artwork or accessory–sometimes the search just becomes a drag.

Just after we had given up all hope, I happened to head to NYC to visit my sister. For the weekend, we drove out to the country and hit up some small antique shops in different towns. At the last stop, I purchased some mini chalkboards and headed to the car to wait for my sister to finish up.

Next thing I know, my sister is stumbling her way towards me with a huge oar, a 30 lb metal letter “E” (no relation to her name at all), and an antique map of Paris. She shoves the map at me and goes, “it’s for you! Do you like it?”

Like it? I loved it. An overly-priced framing experience later, this gorgeous pre-World War II map of Paris is the center piece of my dining room. Sometimes, it just takes a little time, a little letting go, and a doting sister to find the right piece.

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2 thoughts on “Map Quest

  1. jasmine on said:

    You should have told me you were looking! There is an awesome map vendor at Eastern Market in DC. I got a small-ish1900s map of the south a couple of years ago that is super sweet–and it was only $7! I’ll look for a good South America one.

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