Paint It Black

It’s not something you would normally be drawn to–but it catches your eye. Despite what may come to mind when you hear “black walls,” the look can be quite comforting, light and airy.

Hardwood floors, soft and white furniture and great lighting can make a room with black walls feel more warm and welcoming than thousands of other color combinations.

If you like the idea, but are a bit nervous about it–start small. A bathroom perhaps. If you’re feeling courageous go for a living room or bedroom. Start with one wall–don’t overdue it in one shot, and see how you like it.

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3 thoughts on “Paint It Black

  1. I agree, black doesn’t have to be depressing if it’s done right in balance with flooring & decor. A black accent wall is a great idea. Growing up I begged my parents to paint my bedroom walls black. We compromised, 2 black, 2 purple…turned out great!

    • Black and purple! Awesome. I had to beg my parents as well to let me paint my own room…I think in retrospect they regretted the decision but I was thrilled. I sponge-painted the whole thing by myself (and as I was too short, and refused to use a ladder, I got some of the ceiling too) a vibrant “sea-foam green.” Ha. I loved it nonetheless.

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