A Canopied Hideaway

When my sister and I were living together in a two-bedroom apartment in Cobble Hill, we ran into a slight snag with the architectural layout of the place: the one bathroom was in the master bedroom. For a young starter couple in Brooklyn, this apartment was a gem. Exposed brick wall, non-active fireplace, closet space galore and the rooms were impressively sized even for non-NYC standards.

The bathroom wouldn’t seem like a big deal. And so, it definitely wasn’t a deal breaker, for two sisters who had grown up together and lived together for 2 years prior. But still, when we came to thinking about it–our social lives might become a problem.

So, in order to give my sister some more privacy, or at least the appearance of it–I designed her a low-priced rendition of this very canopy bed. She got the master bedroom, and I didn’t want to wake her in case I had to use the loo at midnight.

She let me go to town in designing her room, which ended up being a blast. A quick trip to Pottery barn later, we purchased curtain rods and hung them on the ceiling around her bed, framing it into a full canopy. It worked swimmingly and looked beautiful to boot.

Needless to say, I did get a bit jealous of her canopy bed and still have an urge to do this again in the future.

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3 thoughts on “A Canopied Hideaway

  1. Love those table lamps

  2. So the curtains are just drapping from the ceiling? or are there posts within those curtains?

    • There are rods drilled into the ceiling and then the curtains hang from there. When I did this, I purchased regular window rods from Pottery Barn and instead of drilling them into the wall, we simply drilled them into the ceiling. It worked wonderfully.

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