For Your Breadcrumbs

Sometimes finding the right dining table is damn near impossible. You can head to all the right spots, but nothing fits your style or your budget. It happens to the best of us (I say this as I sit at my very own IKEA masterpiece).

But waiting out for the right table is worth it in the end. Why? Well, like any good piece for your home–it’s worth being certain on before handing over your credit card.

My husband and I were almost suckered into buying a $1,000 table from Macy’s Furniture Store after weeks of hunting for a table that just felt right. When we saw this one piece that was kinda-maybe-sorta what we initially wanted, we handed over the card out of sheer exhaustion.

Luckily, the piece was out of the area and was going to take 4 months to ship. We backed down and settled on IKEA. Which is fine! Now, we’re taking our time and looking for the right design at the right price.

Moral of the story? Think of furniture as an investment. Are you sure you want to put all that money into something you might-maybe-someday like?

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